Clack v1.7.0 API Specification

net.clackrouter.actions Contains classes that each implement a single action that a user can perform within Clack.
net.clackrouter.application Support for applications that run on top of a Clack host's network stack.
net.clackrouter.component.base Provides the base objects for supporting components within a Clack Router.
net.clackrouter.component.extension More advanced router components that are not central to the operation of a router.
net.clackrouter.component.simplerouter Provides core component classes central to the operation of a simple router.
net.clackrouter.component.tcp A decomposed implementation of a simplified TCP stack.
net.clackrouter.error Basic mechanisms for reporting Clack errors to a remote error server.
net.clackrouter.ethereal Contains core classes for Clack's Ethereal-like packet analyzer.
net.clackrouter.gui Major graphical components that comprise the Clack Application.
net.clackrouter.gui.tcp Provides the ability to graphically inspect TCP functionality within Clack.
net.clackrouter.gui.util Simple utility functions used by Clack's graphical user-interface.
net.clackrouter.jgraph.pad Many of the core JGraphpad classes incorporated into Clack (almost entirely unmodified).
net.clackrouter.jgraph.pad.resources JGraphpad classes incorporated into Clack that provide access to images, configuration data and other resources.
net.clackrouter.jgraph.utils Many of the core JGraphpad classes incorporated into Clack (almost entirely unmodified).
net.clackrouter.jgraph.utils.gui Minor graphical JGraphpad classes incorporated into Clack.
net.clackrouter.jpcap Largely unchanged JPcap classes incorporated into Clack.
net.clackrouter.netutils Simple network utility classes used by a Clack Router.
net.clackrouter.packets Clack representations of packet data for a variety of core Internet protocols.
net.clackrouter.propertyview Graphical Property Views that provide the ability to inspect and modify Clack components.
net.clackrouter.protocol Provides VNS protocol connectivity to the VNS server.
net.clackrouter.protocol.commands Representations for the different types of commands sent between a client and the VNS server. Representations for the different data types sent from the VNS server to a client.
net.clackrouter.router.core Core router class responsible for creating, configuring, running and serializing Clack routers.
net.clackrouter.router.graph Graphical components for visually depicting a the "zoomed in" router-graph view.
net.clackrouter.routing Clack's routing specific code, including the basic routing table, local link info, and routing table entries for specific routing implementations (e.g., RIP, OSPF)
net.clackrouter.test Examples of both static and dynamic checks that can be used to validate router correctness and diagnose problems.
net.clackrouter.topology.core Core classes for parsing topology information from VNS and loading a Clack topology configuration from file.
net.clackrouter.topology.graph Provides visual graph components and handling for the "zoomed out" topology view.
net.clackrouter.tutorial Contains simple HTML topology viewer.