Class TCPParser

  extended by net.clackrouter.ethereal.parser.PacketParser
      extended by net.clackrouter.ethereal.parser.TCPParser

public class TCPParser
extends PacketParser

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class net.clackrouter.ethereal.parser.PacketParser
dataLen, dataStart, hex, typeLen, typeStart
Method Summary
 java.lang.String getInfo(byte[] packet)
 java.lang.String getProtocol(byte[] packet)
 EtherealTreeNode getTree(byte[] packet)
protected  byte[] strip(byte[] packet)
          You can override this or just set variables dataStart and dataLen.
Methods inherited from class net.clackrouter.ethereal.parser.PacketParser
charFormat, charFormat, decimalFormat, decimalFormat, getDst, getSrc, getTableModel, getType, hexFormat, hexFormat, MACFormat, MACFormat, makeNode, makeNode, makeNode, nextInfo, nextNode, nextProtocol
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Method Detail


protected byte[] strip(byte[] packet)
Description copied from class: PacketParser
You can override this or just set variables dataStart and dataLen. If dataLen == 0 then it is set to be the packet.length - dataStart

strip in class PacketParser


public java.lang.String getProtocol(byte[] packet)
Specified by:
getProtocol in class PacketParser


public java.lang.String getInfo(byte[] packet)
Specified by:
getInfo in class PacketParser


public EtherealTreeNode getTree(byte[] packet)
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getTree in class PacketParser