Uses of Class

Packages that use ClackTab
net.clackrouter.gui Major graphical components that comprise the Clack Application. 
net.clackrouter.jgraph.pad Many of the core JGraphpad classes incorporated into Clack (almost entirely unmodified). 

Uses of ClackTab in net.clackrouter.gui

Fields in net.clackrouter.gui declared as ClackTab
protected  ClackTab
          Deprecated. a reference to the internal Frame
protected  ClackTab
          a reference to the tab holding this document

Methods in net.clackrouter.gui that return ClackTab
 ClackTab[] ClackFramework.getAllTabs()
 ClackTab ClackFramework.getCurrentTab()
          Returns the currently active and visible ClackTab.
 ClackTab ClackDocument.getGPTab()

Methods in net.clackrouter.gui with parameters of type ClackTab
 void ClackFramework.addClackTab(ClackTab t)
          Adds a new ClackTab to the ClackGraphpad
 void ClackFramework.removeClackTab(ClackTab t)
 void ClackDocument.setTab(ClackTab tab)

Uses of ClackTab in net.clackrouter.jgraph.pad

Methods in net.clackrouter.jgraph.pad that return ClackTab
 ClackTab[] GPTabbedPane.getAllTabs()