Uses of Interface

Packages that use ClackPaintable
net.clackrouter.component.base Provides the base objects for supporting components within a Clack Router. 
net.clackrouter.router.graph Graphical components for visually depicting a the "zoomed in" router-graph view. 

Uses of ClackPaintable in net.clackrouter.component.base

Fields in net.clackrouter.component.base declared as ClackPaintable
protected  ClackPaintable ClackComponent.view

Methods in net.clackrouter.component.base with parameters of type ClackPaintable
 void ClackComponent.setView(ClackPaintable v)
          Set the view associate with this ClackComponent

Uses of ClackPaintable in net.clackrouter.router.graph

Classes in net.clackrouter.router.graph that implement ClackPaintable
 class ComponentView
          Provides a view for the ComponentCell, representing a Clack Component.
 class CounterView
          A specialized view to paint an updating counter value instead of the standard view.
 class DynamicClackView
          Abstract base class that should be extended in order to create a dynamic Clack component.
 class QueueView
          A specialized component view to show the size of a queue graphically.
 class SockBufferView
          Deprecated. class is not yet complete
 class WireView
          Represents a view of both a RouterWire and TopoWire .