Package net.clackrouter.component.extension

More advanced router components that are not central to the operation of a router.


Interface Summary
TCPMonitor.TCPFlowListener Listener interface for classes wishing to be updated about changes to a TCPMonitor.TCPFlow.

Class Summary
Capture Component that allows the user to capture packet through it to a PCAP file readable by Ethereal or another packet-analyzer.
Classifier Classifies packets and sends them out distict ports if they match user-specified byte-string/offset pairs called patterns.
Counter Simple component that transparently passes packets on to the next component , but graphically displays the number of packets that have passed through it.
DNSHijacker A fun little component that hijacks DNS requests being forwarded by the IP layer and sends back false replies.
Loss Component that randomly drops packets based on a user-specified drop rate.
NAPT VERY basic implementation of NAT.
REDQueue Implementation of a Random Early Detection (RED) queue.
TCPMonitor A class for tracking and analyzing the TCP flows being forwarded by a router.
Tee A simple class to take a packet on a single input and duplicate it and send the packet out two outputs.
Throttle Component to slow down the packet being passed through it in a user configurable manner.
UDP Simplified implementation of the User Datagram Protocol (UDP).
UDPSource Generates uniform user-specified UDP traffic at a given rate.

Package net.clackrouter.component.extension Description

More advanced router components that are not central to the operation of a router.