Uses of Class

Packages that use Interface
net.clackrouter.component.simplerouter Provides core component classes central to the operation of a simple router. 
net.clackrouter.propertyview Graphical Property Views that provide the ability to inspect and modify Clack components. 
net.clackrouter.router.core Core router class responsible for creating, configuring, running and serializing Clack routers. 

Uses of Interface in net.clackrouter.component.simplerouter

Subclasses of Interface in net.clackrouter.component.simplerouter
 class InterfaceIn
          Represents an input interface, a FromDevice(ethX) component, in a Clack router.
 class InterfaceOut
          Represents an output Interface, a ToDevice(ethX) component, in a ClackRouter

Uses of Interface in net.clackrouter.propertyview

Constructors in net.clackrouter.propertyview with parameters of type Interface
InterfacePopup(Interface iface, int type)

Uses of Interface in net.clackrouter.router.core

Methods in net.clackrouter.router.core that return Interface
 Interface Router.getInterfaceByName(java.lang.String devicename)
          Returns the input interface associated with the specified device.