Uses of Interface

Packages that use ClackComponentListener
net.clackrouter.component.base Provides the base objects for supporting components within a Clack Router. 
net.clackrouter.gui.tcp Provides the ability to graphically inspect TCP functionality within Clack. 
net.clackrouter.propertyview Graphical Property Views that provide the ability to inspect and modify Clack components. 

Uses of ClackComponentListener in net.clackrouter.component.base

Methods in net.clackrouter.component.base with parameters of type ClackComponentListener
 void ClackComponent.registerListener(ClackComponentListener listener)
          Classes that want to be updated on component events implement the ClackComponentListener interface and send a reference of themselves to this method.
 void ClackComponent.unregisterListener(ClackComponentListener listener)
          Removes component from list of objects receiving notifications about this component

Uses of ClackComponentListener in net.clackrouter.example

Classes in net.clackrouter.example that implement ClackComponentListener
 class SourceTrackerPopup

Uses of ClackComponentListener in net.clackrouter.gui.tcp

Classes in net.clackrouter.gui.tcp that implement ClackComponentListener
 class SendDataPopup
          Class not used, but is a pop-up for the TCP SendData subcomponent.
 class TCPDashboard
          A half-finished class to provide a "Dashboard" view of a single TCP connection terminated at a Clack host.
 class TCPView
          A defunct class, used with the TCP hiearchical component.

Uses of ClackComponentListener in net.clackrouter.propertyview

Classes in net.clackrouter.propertyview that implement ClackComponentListener
 class ARPLookupPopup
 class ARPLookupPView
 class CapturePopup
 class ClassifierPopup
 class CounterPopup
 class DefaultPropertiesView
          Default class to handle functionality commonly implemented by Property Views for Clack components.
 class DelayPView
 class EtherealPopup
 class FlowByteQueuePopup
 class InterfacePopup
 class IPRouteLookupPopup
 class IPRouteLookupPview
 class Level2DemuxPopup
 class Level3DemuxPopup
 class LossPopup
 class NATPView
 class QueuePopup
 class REDQueuePView
          NOTE: this class is not currently used, since the RED queue now uses the data-handler and component-viz-launcher interfaces
 class TCPMonitorPopup
 class TCPSeqMonPView
 class ThrottlePView